Premam Poojyam (2021) Lyrics

Premam Poojyam movie

Premam Poojyam Lyrics: Here, you will get the interesting facts of Hindi picture film Premam Poojyam. Premam Poojyam movie cast are Brinda Acharya, Prem Kumar. It was released in the year 2021. Premam Poojyam movie release date was 24/09/2021 (dd/mm/yyyy). A list of Premam Poojyam movie songs with song titles, singer names, music composer and lyrics writer is given below.

movie Movie: Premam Poojyam

artist Star Cast / Artists: Brinda Acharya, Prem Kumar

music on Music On: Kedambadi Creations

year Day: 24

year Month: 09

year Year: 2021

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    Singers: Mohit Chauhan

    Music Composer: Dr. Raghavendra B.s.

    Lyricist / Lyrics Writer: Dr. Raghavendra B.s.